Saturday – Bus Day

Today we were up bright and early to meet and get our bus assignments for the day! We were split into 4 different groups and sent out around the city. The pictures are only from my bus as the team was literally thrown into the thick of it and came out a bit shell shocked. After our sessions all the boys went to nap because it’s just something you don’t experience really ever, and there’s no way to prepare for it. There aren’t bus rules so most buses were wall to wall kids, standing room only. The yelling, swearing, fighting just is sensory overload.

Metro has two sessions today. A 10am and a 2pm. Bus leave at 830 and do the first run. We have the 10am session and then we go with the bus and drop the kids off. Then once the last kid is dropped off you pick up your second run and head back for the 2pm session. It is long and very emotionally draining. Metro only has these kids for 3 hours, once a week, so you are dealing with some strong personalities coming out of some intense situations.

Below is where the 7 and up kids go

Below is the preschool room, 6 and under

Things they were watching for: kids were coming in with rocks in their pockets so they could throw them up people on the stage. One kid came in with a massive gash in his hand, and then it was just a prank with fake blood. Younger kids were throwing up on themselves, so they were looking for spare clothes to change them. Kids come from 3-15 years old.

On my bus I pull two little boys into my seat who boarded. We were in a Latin community so the little one didn’t understand me. I quickly referred to all my Dora the Explorer Spanish and began to try and get him to talk. I found out he was cuatro (4). I then started yelling “ayuadame” (help me) and falling into the aisle. He burst out laughing and was grabbing me to help pull me back into the seat. From there I knew I cracked him. I showed them a picture of Levi on my phone so they knew I had a little boy their age. Juanito was in grade one and just turned 6. I made up a “tickle war” game (because we are on the bus for an hour or more and you need something to entertain them with) and then we began to tickle. Boys from other parts of the bus were coming to join in. The girls just kept giggling to reserved to join in. Christopher was laughing all the while like he was not a part until Nick and I got some of the boys to jump on him.

Attacking Chris with tickles!

After the tickle war…

The line up of buses. The red one is Pastor Bills and he drives it when he’s in town.

What they do at Metro everyday is high energy and intense. The two days we did don’t even include the visitation day they do before their side walk sites. The Metro team are hero’s in our eyes and the eyes of the children.

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