Today the team split into two groups of six. One group of six stayed in the building to help in the warehouse. This time 3 of the 6 counted/sorted 15 palettes of food getting ready for their Thanksgiving boxes of food they give to each family. The other three moved all the furniture out of … More TENT

Warehouse Shuffle

Well this morning Gary brought us special donuts for breakfast!! Which vanished very quickly! Today was warehouse day! We met up with Stephen and we had to shift the small cage room all around! It first started with counting almost 6500 bags of chips, and stacking them away. Then rearranging the room as 20 palettes … More Warehouse Shuffle


GoTeam Brooklyn 2019 are officially on their way! We prayed this morning with the 12 intrepid souls who are now (or very shortly – depending on how early you read this) winging their way to New York. They will spend the next week doing their very best to lift the burden from the shoulders of … More Launched