Coming Home

Today we said goodbye to Padro.  The guys loved working with him, he has a great personality and is hillarious. Last night the front of Metro and a van got tagged, so Padro and Keith were busy cleaning that off.  We would have loved to help them but we were getting ready to leave on … More Coming Home

The Yellow Trucks

Where to start, where to start.  Well I guess we’ll start at breakfast.  Gary showed up with donuts for us again, one last time before we leave and he surprised Lincoln and gave him a Yankees ball cap. Gary is so kind, I can’t even put into words the relationship we have with him.  Because … More The Yellow Trucks

Paint ‘n Chips

Thursday started off with our usual breakfast and devotions.  We began our final push for getting our list completed. Cheryl and Andrea started the new project in the cafeteria where we sanded and painted the pillars.  They painted detailed artwork onto the sides of the pillars.  Lots of concentration and a steady hand went into … More Paint ‘n Chips

Boxing Day

Well it’s Wednesday and we were all moving a bit slower starting out today.  It didn’t take long to get into our groove once we began to work with the people here. Our tasks today were: finish the kitchen mural, clean cement splatters off main doors and windows, move a desk to the 4th floor … More Boxing Day

Will You Listen?

Today we started with devotions.  We have determined that we will take every opportunity to impact those around us while we are here.  You can imagine the distractions around us, being in the big city, but we are anxiously awaiting starting our work here.  Today is Metro’s day off, but Gary, the maintenance/building manager was … More Will You Listen?


GoTeam Brooklyn 2018 have arrived safely in Brooklyn!! Let’s keep they well covered in prayer this week as they serve as our representatives to bless our friends in Bushwick.

Up, Up and Away!!

GoTeam Brooklyn 2018, after an early morning meeting at the FLC, are successfully checked in and on their way to Brooklyn for the 2018 edition of GoTeam Brooklyn!! Working once again with Pastor Bill Wilson and his amazing team at Metro World Child, our GoTeam will be spending the next week lifting the burden from … More Up, Up and Away!!