6:04PM This is the latest scheduled arrival time for Delta 4249 from New York. Plane is at the gate at JFK and boarding, so we are getting closer!! [PLANE JUST DEPARTED THE GATE, SO THIS TIME SHOULD NOW BE ACCURATE.  SEE YOU AT THE AIRPORT!!]


5:39pm is the new arrival time for Delta 4249. They are beginning to board now, so this one may be more accurate. Rick


Delta 4249 is now scheduled to arrive in Halifax at 4:59pm this afternoon (almost an hour late). Please stay tuned (or watch the HIAA website) for further updates as they have not yet departed New York.

Day 7 … Coming Home!

Our 2015 GoTeam Brooklyn members are now making their final preparations to return home - tired but happy! Their return flight is Delta 4249 and is currently ON TIME - scheduled to arrive in Halifax at 4:09pm this afternoon. Let's have as many people as possible be there at the airport to welcome them home. Keep an …