Nain Home Early

Family and friends, the Nain team is taking off from Goose Bay early with a flight time of 2 hours and 15 minutes. They should be landing at the terminal (explained below) around 4:20PM. Please pass along this message and meet your loved ones at the airport early!

Nain Coming Home!

Good news family and friends, Go Team Nain is scheduled to arrive home today! They will be arriving in Goose Bay at 1:30PM and departing from Goose Bay to Halifax at 3PM on the Metroliner. ETA back into Halifax at 5PM. However, they will not be landing at the main terminal in Halifax but instead, at … More Nain Coming Home!

Nain Plan

Check the blog between 10:30AM-11:30AM on Saturday morning for further details on the team’s flights. We have arrangements to get them home, once the weather allows them to depart Nain.

Nain Delayed

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the Nain team will not be returning home to Halifax tonight. Due to weather, they are still in Nain. At 4:30PM they will have one last shot to leave Nain and head to Goose Bay this evening. If that happens they will be spending the night in Goose Bay where they … More Nain Delayed

Nain Team Waiting

At the moment, the flight into Nain (to get the team and take them to Goose Bay) has been delayed due to the weather (like usual). When we hear further details of the plane being able to land and the team taking off, we will update this blog right away! Until then, we patiently wait … More Nain Team Waiting

Last Day in Nain

Received this note from Joanna last night. Please check the blog today, to make sure their flights are on time. They are currently scheduled to arrive home at 10:19PM. “Once again our fishing trip to the cabin was cancelled because of weather today, but the people who wanted to still go were able to do … More Last Day in Nain

Nain Ending Strong

We just finished a powerful two hour long devotion here in the basement of Ray and Juanita’s house! Today our plans got a little bit messed up because the weather prevented us from going fishing. Instead, we cleaned the house from top to bottom all morning and tonight we went for a prayer walk around … More Nain Ending Strong

All is going well in Nain

It is going well here. We are eating caribou for lupper at 2:30 and we are preparing for the service after that. When the service is over, we will host a BBQ. It is looking great for the open air service tonight. Travis will be preaching and the musicians will play. Mark