Nain Home Today!

GoTeam Nain is finishing up.. hard to believe they’re coming home already but we’re excited to see them! They are scheduled to arrive home tonight (Friday) at 7:20PM! Here are the directions to the Provincial Airlines/ESSO Avitat (not the regular terminal): • Turn off the highway towards the Halifax Airport • First right after Tim Horton’s … More Nain Home Today!

Helping Ray and Juanita

Yesterday, GoTeam Nain helped Ray and Juanita with laundry and other tasks around the house. They had visits from local friends, cooked, cleaned and filled the driveway. They are encouraged and glad they can be a support to Ray and Juanita at this time. Please continue in prayer for a strong finish for the team!

Clothing Giveaway

Another great day in Nain full of clothes, beautiful people and Mosquitos!!! “Ok its 11 o’clock at night… and we’re trying to remember what we did today! Our biggest task of the day was definitely the clothing giveaway. It was a huge success! So many beautiful clothes for so many beautiful people. The men also … More Clothing Giveaway

Day 5

Here’s a message from Joanna Greener: “Hey Church! What a jam packed day we had today (Friday)! Can’t believe it’s day five already! This morning we finished off our DVBS program with the kids, they are SO precious. We had an awesome four days together playing, laughing and learning more about Jesus. After DVBS was … More Day 5

Day 3 in Nain

From one of our GoTeam members: “We had a wonderful day 3 at DVBS. These children are bright, sweet, amazing, soooo very precious! Tonight we had a service in the church. Juanita had sandwiches, cookies, tea and coffee afterwards for everybody. She does this for every service. What an amazing of woman of God!”

DVBS in Nain

Here’s a message from Lynette. The team is really enjoying themselves! “The children of Nain had lots of fun today playing some really fun (and funny) games. The workers at the day care are amazing. Caring and helping out with the kids. We see our future leaders, teachers, nurses and doctors in the children of … More DVBS in Nain

First Day in Nain

Received this message from Joanna Greener and Lynette this afternoon: “We had a great trip … All in one day! NO FOG… Praise The Lord! The first day of DVBS was amazing. The kids were excited to see us. Little Edward missed Travis! Looking forward to more great days. Ray and Juanita are great hosts. … More First Day in Nain