The End

Well friends, the end is drawing into sight in more ways than one. This is day 17 of my 19 day adventure and I am truly starting to dream of home. I had a wonderful FaceTime chat with Julia and the kids this afternoon. This didn’t help ease my growing desire to be home. But … More The End

Zambia to Uganda

Today is a travel day. We were up early and, after a good breakfast at the Taj in Lusaka, we were off to the airport to catch our flight to Johannesburg. A smooth flight and then we were again waiting at yet another airport for yet another flight – for me flight number 9 of … More Zambia to Uganda

November 6 – There’s Nothing Like a Sunday in Africa!

There is nothing like a Sunday in Africa. And, more specifically, a Sunday at Pastor Lawrence Kunda’s Eternal Life Church. You have never seen or heard anything like an African church praising God. NEVER. Ask Pastor Julia if you don’t believe me. Or Wendy Lee. They will back me up! We all gave greetings, but … More November 6 – There’s Nothing Like a Sunday in Africa!

On the Road Again

Well, the 5-star phase of my trip is rapidly drawing to a close. Tomorrow morning (Thursday) I will be flying to Lusaka, Zambia where I will be meeting up with Pastor Ted. The “African phase” of my trip is beginning and I am excited. I realize that some of my comments earlier about the attendees … More On the Road Again

Brace Position!

My plane crashed today. Now before you run off to comfort Julia and get more details, let me say that it was a flight simulator in the Emirates Airlines training facility. Just real enough though to let me know that I would never want to do it in real life (duh)! But it sure seemed … More Brace Position!