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Home Safe & Sound

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GoTeam Ecuador is home safe and sound.  Thanks for keeping them in prayer over the last 10 days!

Just a reminder that the team is coming from Toronto AC614 at 5:23pm

Sunday – A Day for Friendship

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It’s almost over. 

What took so long to prepare has finally come and is now almost done. On Sunday morning we worshipped together with a local Ecuadorian congregation on the east side of Quito. Then it was back to the hotel and time to say goodbye to our World Vision friends and colleagues. 

After another walk in the park and some final packing, we made our way to the airport to begin the long trip home. 

As I am writing this, we have just landed in Toronto – so we are almost there. Please keep praying that this lady leg goes well and we will see all of you soon!

Saturday – A Day to Exhale

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Sunday may be the Sabbath but today was the day of rest for our GoTeam.

After breakfast, we spent some time at the Museum of the Equator. And do you know what? Water really DOES go down the drain the opposite way in the Southern Hemisphere!

We also took a drive through the old downtown of Quito and spent time in a park overlooking the city before enjoying a good dinner with the World Vision team here who have been with us throughout this trip. It is hard saying goodbye to friends – even friends you only met a week ago.

This has been a very significant trip for many of the team. As you keep us in prayer, make plans to get together with someone after every return to hear the stories. You won’t be disappointed!


Wow. All I can say is “what a day!”

It’s that feeling when the clouds suddenly part and you can clearly see the mountaintop. We had that today. Figuratively and literally.

The day started with a trip to a volcanic lake high in the mountains. This was (and technically still is) an active volcano that exploded and the cone filled with water. The view was spectacular and it was even more fun when we got to take a boat out on the lake. We could even see the gas bubbles still in through the water. The fact that I am writing this tells you that we did, in fact, escape unharmed. 😀

In the afternoon we had what may have been one of the most significant events of the trip.

We went to a joint project of World Vision and a church in Texas at a small community called Lavioletta high in the Andes. After a somewhat harrowing drive, we arrived at a beautiful compound with a school and a church at an elevation of over 3000m and an amazing view of the mountains.

Even more stunning were the people. We were greeted with Canadian flags and balloons that they had obtained the day before. And then we had the privilege of joining them in worship with the most beautiful songs. This was surely a high point in very many ways!

We then took the long drive back to Quito where we will finish our adventure on Sunday and begin our journey home.

Please pray that we remain healthy, accomplish EVERYTHING God has for us, and finish strong.


A short post today because it has bee a long day and we need to get to bed.

Today we left Quito by bus and headed north into the Andes mountains. We stopped in the WV office in Otavelo to hear about their local projects and to meet two more sponsor children. After this we headed to the mountain village of Quinchuqui to see demonstrations of what the children had been learning – and also to have lunch – all grown locally. Then off to see some community gardens and watch a women’s soccer match before heading back to Otavelu to walk around the market.

Please pray that we end this mission strong.


We spent last night on a banana plantation. And yet the day still had the ability to surprise us with even more new things and experiences.

After meeting two more sponsored children over breakfast, we took the bus, and then a series of small trucks, to a small church in the fields to hear how the community has been impacted by World Vision. Then, after a trek over a very “rustic” bridge and more small trucks, we arrived at a school where we were treated like royalty and treated to a lay and a mock emergency drill!!

Finally, we were taken to another school in Vinces where we were greeted with hats for each team member and then hosted as VIP’s once again as the children danced, sang and displayed their handiwork. It is truly amazing to see the last GE and effort the local World Vision staff put into their areas of responsibility.

A late lunch was followed by a long drive to Guayaquil, where we caught a flight back to Quito.

We are now off to bed in anticipation of what adventures tomorrow may bring. GoTeam Ecuador 2017 out.